Why your business needs a Point-of-sale software that is powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use?

May 20, 2019

Do you currently use a software to manage your business? if so, is it saving you the time you expected to save over manual work? whether you are not currently using a software to manage your business, or own a software that is not optimal, these are great reasons to employ a proven point-of-sale software that can save you time, and eliminate or reduce errors. The Agnitech point-of-sale software packages, which include a salon software that is specifically targeted for beauty salons and spas, a restaurant point-of-sale system that targets restaurants, a jewelry POS system that manages a jewelry retail store, a wholesale inventory control software that is targeted for wholesale distributors or wholesale suppliers, a gas station software that is used to manage the back office bookkeeping of a gas station, and other industry specific software.

All these Agnitech software packages include standard features such as employee management, customer tracking, inventory tracking, inventory receiving, purchase order generation, a very powerful POINT-OF-SALE module to process sales, returns, capture payments, issues refunds, discounts, and more. In addition, the standard features list includes many other features such as email marketing, SMS marketing, bar code scanning, receipt printer support, and more. Depending on the type of industry you're in, you can find the right software for your business at Agnitech.com.

The question regarding why you would need a software to run your business can be easily answered by providing you with the advantages you would gain by using such software. These include time saving for you and your employees when managing inventory, processing sales, looking up history of payments, refunds, customers balance, customer history of purchases, returns, payments, and more. All this information is tracked for you so that you can look it up instantly when you need to look up such information. Imaging having to go through stacks of paperwork in order to find information about a specific customer, and even when you find that paper(s) that contains the information that you need, that will not show you a summary of the balance that the customer has accrued, the total payments made by the customer, the amount of refunds issued to the customer, you will need to manually add up all these amounts in order to come up with these summarized numbers. Imaging being able to press a couple of keyboard keys, and all that information is displayed for you instantly, that alone is a huge reason for using such a software. We offer these software packages at Agnitech.com for free use for 60-days. You can download them, use them fully for 60-days to try them before you decide to buy them, without zero-obligation or commitment on your behalf, so why not try them now, risk-free, and judge for yourself, you will be glad you did.