Wholesale Distibution Software Features

Feb 12, 2019

A complete wholesale distribution software must include the following features at minimum:

  1. Ability to enter and maintain the product catalog, which should allow the creation of service products, rental products, and regular products.
  2. The system must be able to maintain the inventory count of every product that is entered. Whenever a product is sold, returned, purchased, or disposed of, the software should automatically keep an updated count of each product.
  3. It must allow for orders to be created and updated.
  4. It must allow the orders to be retrieved for modification and fulfillment purposes.
  5. The software must have a feature to allow users to print a fulfillment list (packing list), and then allow users to enter the fulfillment count so that the system can keep track of what was delivered, and what still remains to be fulfilled.
  6. The software must be able to track customers, their balance, their orders, returns, payments, refunds, and more.
  7. It must provide a way to generate billing statements for customers that are due.
  8. It must be able to send marketing emails and/or SMS messages to customers.
  9. Maintain employees records and work schedules.
  10. Maintain employees work hours in order to accurately calculate pay for hourly paid employees.
  11. Must have the ability to calculate commissions earned by employees based on both, product or fix employee commission rate.
  12. Report generator that includes built-in reports for the most critical reports that help business owners and managers stay on top of things, these reports should provides information about inventory levels, sales, returns, income, profits, commission, and more.

The Agnitech Wholesale Inventory Management Software is an example of such system, and it has a lot more functionality than the basic core functions that are listed above. This software is available for download, which allows you to try it FREE for 60-days, with no obligation.