Salon appointment management software

May 22, 2019

When a person opens a salon or a spa business, part of the process is deciding which salon software to use for managing the book keeping details of the business. There are many options out there as far as software for salons, spas, or tattoo shops, but not every software out there includes all the necessary features to run such a business. First of all, a software designed specifically for beauty salon operations must include a calendar module, which is powerful, easy-to-use, and flexible enough to allow all functions of appointment keeping to be performed quickly and easily. An appointment management screen should include a drag and drop capability, allowing users to use the mouse to drag appointments to a different time slot, different stylist or other service provider, or a completely different date. It should also allow the user to update the status of an appointment to indicate cancellation, in progress status, waiting status, allow note to be attached to appointments, and finally, allow the user to easily close an appointment through a checkout screen that allows for payment to be collected for the appointment service, along with purchases of other products. This same appointment calendar screen should provide the ability to quickly look up a customer's history, profile, balance, and more. A good example of such product is the Salon Software by Agnitech, which provides a free trial download from the Agnitech website with no-risk and no obligation.

In addition to the appointment calendar feature, a software for a salon must also include a fully featured point-of-sale module to allow users to capture sales of products and services, process customer returns, capture customer payments, and issue refunds. These are features that should be expected from every salon software, these are not features that a salon operation can live without, these are features that are critical to ensure the success of the entire business. How do such features affect the state of the business you ask? think about a client who comes in for a service or multiple services at the salon, the client had purchased a couple of products on a previous visit, and he/she wants to return one of these previously purchased products for a refund, on the surface, this looks like a straight-forward task, right? not necessarily, although this is not the most complicated example of a scenario of customer/business interaction, but it still poses some difficulties for a salon operator to process the customer checkout. The operator will need to first find out what services were performed on the client, when the products that the customer is returning were purchased, and whether they qualify for a return. How to calculate the remaining balance after the services and the returns are processed, and then keeping track of all these sales, returns, payments, refunds, etc. Imagine all this being done manually without using a software, this process will probably take between 15 and 30 minutes to process just one client. If the salon is busy, there will be customers waiting to be checked out, and if the process of checking out a customer takes this much time, the customers will be standing in line for a long time waiting to be checked out, the result will be customers that are unhappy, late for whatever else they have to do after their visit to the salon, and most likely, these customers will never come back again for a service at this salon. This can become very messy. Now if the salon is using a software that includes a POS module, this whole checkout process can be completed in less than 1 minute, leaving the customers happy, and wanting to return for service again and again. The Agnitech Salon Software has all the features you need to run your salon, spa, or tattoo business, it is affordable, and best of all, it is available for free download and trial for a full 60-days, risk-free, obligation-free.