Jewelry Shop Point of Sale software

Feb 20, 2019

As a jewelry retail store owner, you need to keep track of your inventory, process sales, track repairs, and more. A general POS software can help you process sales, take returns, and track your inventory, but it misses a couple important features that are criticial when managing a jewelry type business, you need a software that can track products with characteristics that describe a piece of jewelry type, color, size, and may other natural attributes of the jewelry piece that general retail software do not account for. The other feature that a jewelry point of sale software provides is the repairs module. Most jewelry shops provide a repair service to repair jewelry, where customers bring in their jewelry to be repaired, and leave it in the shop until it is repaired. The jewelry shop owner must be able to track each repair so that he/she can update the owners about the status of their jewelry repair.

A program for a jewelry retail must provide the ability to enter products, add inventory, adjust inventory, create purchase orders, manage customer records, manage customer billing, manage employee records, manage employees schedule, give the ability to users to create invoices, process sales, process returns, enter payments, generate receipts, create repair orders, track repairs, and more. These are the minimum set of features that are critical to have in a pos for a jewelry retail store. These features and more are offered in the Agnitech powerful jewelry point-of-sale program, which is available for download here.