Gas Station Backoffice Software

Feb 13, 2019

A gas station back-office software is extremely important for tracking the sales, purchases, income, expenses, and price adjustments for a gas station. In addition, a back-office software can track losses in fuel that can be a result of fuel leakage, which if not detected early enough, can result in big fines and penalties from the state and federal government due to anti-pollution laws. I have met several gas station owners who have told me that using such software have saved them a lot of money, and allowed them to see exactly where the money is coming and going. But what makes such a software so useful that it becomes critical for a gas station owner to use one? the answer is depends on the software, and what kind of features it provides. For one, the software has to be able to track the fuel inventory, and be able to produce a reconciliation report that shows losses in the fuel inventory due to leaks and other environmental factors. Even though there is no way to prevent losses in the fuel inventory due to these environmental factors such as dissipation, these losses should be minimal. If the recon report indicates more losses than expected, it indicates there is some leakage problem in one or more of the tanks that are used to store the fuel at the gas station, the owner can then inspect these tanks himself, or have someone inspect them for him/her, and then take care of any leak problems that are found. This could save the owner from having to pay hefty government penalties, and save money by avoiding the excessive loss in fuel.

Another advantage to using such a system is gaining the benefit of tracking sales and purchases of fuel and store products. A back-office software is supposed to allow you to enter or import your daily sales, invoices, payments, expenses, and price adjustments, and should be able to produce reports that summarize this information for any range of dates, so that you have an overview of where the revenue if coming from, and where the expenses are. This information helps a gas station owner target certain areas for improvements in order to increase the profitability of the gas station, and avoid any unnecessary loss in revenue.

The Agnitech Gas Station Back-office software is rich of features that allow you to track all this information, and includes tens of built-in reports that show you all the information that you needs in order to make these improvements, and increase your profits.

This station management software works as a convenience store pos software, for auto repair and gas stations, and best of all, and with the free gas station software download from Agnitech, why not give it a try risk-free, obligation-free, you'll be glad you did. You can download your free 60-day trial right here.