Salon Appointment Reminders

Feb 11, 2019

An important feature of an appointment software for salons is the ability to automate sending reminders to clients with upcoming appointments. The Agnitech Salon Appointment Management Software includes a feature that can be easily setup and activated, which automates the process of sending email and SMS reminders to clients for any current of future date. The setup is as easy as entering an email address and/or SMS number for a client, and a quick email account setup, or SMS carrier setup. The Agnitech salon and spa appointment software makes this process so easy to setup and use, it will save you valuable resources time, eliminate or reduce no-shows, and provide client with the comfort that they will be reminded about their appointments so they don't forget when the appointment time comes.

Restaurant POS software

Feb 11, 2019

A restaurant point of sale software/system allows a restaurant to effectively create and manage customer orders. A complete POS system for restaurants allows all kinds of orders to be captured and fulfilled, be it a dine-in order, a delivery order, a take-out order, or a bar order. Once an order is entered, the pos must be able to track the status of the order, allow the server(s) to update the order by adding items, modifying items, split the order into multiple checks, check the status of the order, associate the order and/or item(s) to a specific server so that the server can be credited for commissions if the restaurant pays its servers commissions based on how much they serve, etc.

In addition to order capture and tracking, the restaurant point-of-sale software must allow for a menu to be created and grouped by categories. For example, a typical restaurant owner would want to create a menu of all the items that the restaurant serves, and the be able to group the menu items under different categories for easier ordering with the order capture screen. When a server is entering an order, the server doesn't want to look through all the menu items to find the item that he/she want to order each time; instead, the restaurant software should have a way to allow the server to select a category, and based on that selection, the software will display only those items that belong to that category, which should be a much smaller list of items than the entire list served by the restaurant. This saves the server time to complete the entry of an order, and allows the server to be more efficient so more of the server's time can be spent on servicing the customers needs instead. The Agnitech Restaurant POS System is a powerful point of sale software that includes all these features, and a lot more. You can download a trial version of this software and try it free with no obligation for 60 days, download it here!.




Salon and Spa Software

Feb 09, 2019

A salon software is a point of sale system with special features that give salons, spas, and tattoo shops the ability to manage appointments. Managing appointments requires that the system is able to create appointments, update appointments, cancel them, delete them, change their status, and integrate seamlessly with the point-of-sale module for quick checkout. The are core functions of running a successful salon, spa, or tattoo business. The Agnitech salon and spa software for appointments has an advanced appointment booking and management module that allows users to create appointments, and link them to other appointments so they can be processed and checked out together as one. Here are just few of the features that are provided in the Agnitech POS for beauty salons, spas, and tattoo shops:

  1. Appointment creation and tracking: This module allows users to create an appointment for multiple services, and these appointments are automatically linked so that they can all be serviced and checked out as one. Each linked appointment is tied to a specific service, and each service is associated with a service provider, be it a hair dresser, a masseuse, a hair coloring professional, etc. Users have the ability to cancel/delete a single instance of the linked appointments, or the entire group with one click of the mouse. When the client shows up at the salon for service, the software allows the user to easily change the status of the appointment to indicate the arrival of the client for his/her appointment, and that will place the client in the waiting queue so that he/she will be serviced as soon as possible. Upon completion of the service, the appointment(s) can be quickly checked out for payment, process additional client purchases which include hair products, or whatever the salon sells besides the services provided, process returns, sell gift cards, and process client payments. All this functionality of the Agnitech POS is streamlined for quick checkout, to ensure the client does not have to wait more that he/she have to in order to get get their services done and checked out as fast as possible. This makes the client happy, and allows the business to service more customers which will all add up to more profit, and better efficiency. You can download the trial version here to try free/no obligation for 60 days.
  2. Point-of-sale module: The ability to process sales, returns, capture payments, issue refunds, sell gift cards is important to the process of streamlining a small business operations. A successful salon or spa business is not only about the ability to book and service appointments, it must also be able to checkout clients quickly after their service is complete, and should be able to sell non-service products such as shampoo bottles, gel, and other hair-related products that a client might be interested in purchasing while making a visit to the salon. The client might also want to buy a gift card for future visits to give to someone else. The client might also want to return a product that he/she purchased on a previous visit. All this requires a system with the ability to process sales, accept payments, process returns, sell gift certificates, and more. This functionality must be available in a Salon and Spa software for booking appointments, which is exactly what the Agnitech salon software does.
  3. Employee Management: An appointment software must be able to track employee records by allowing the user to enter and maintain employees information. The appointment scheduling module is is tied directly to employees, and based on the employee type, it determines which employees are available for booking appointments, and the employees schedule which tells the appointment booking module when an employee is available for servicing appointments. Based on that, it is important that a salon software allows for employee records to be added and maintained.

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Feb 08, 2019

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